Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cars Room

Well I finally finished Malcolm's sweet new room. It really only took so long because I could only do so much at a time and then it had and dry. Then of course I was busy with bird mites, my reunion and my Mom's 5oth, er I mean 39th birthday. Then I got stuck for awhile with how I wanted it to look. I finally figured it out though and got all the work done. So 2 months isn't too bad right? Anyway here is the transformation in pictures.

Blue first

Green next

Tape out the road

Painting yellow lines with my homemade stencil

My mom helped me with the clouds

Added detail to the hills

Close up of the details

All Finished

A tour of the room starting at the door and circling to the right

Just add a bed and we are all done!


TravelMama said...

Wow. You're some much cooler than me.

TravelMama said...

...than I.

Chelsea said...

That totally rocks! I love it!!

Stephanie said...

I love it, great job!

Alicia said...

Coolest room EVER!!

Anonymous said...

NICE!! When are you comming here and doing MY room? :)

Mars said...

Sweet! That came out totally rad! Malcolm is one lucky kid. Forget anonymous. You're doing Brandon's room next. :)