Monday, November 02, 2009


This year was so much fun. Malcolm was so excited about his costume and wanted to wear it everyday. Making it was super easy too! Anyway here are some pics of all the fun we had this year.

Trying out Dad's wig

Peace Man

Pumpkin time

I'm gonna carve my's orange

Mom helping me cut

Pumpkin carving fun

Putting out our finished products

Who has the scariest face?

Creepy donut eyeballs I made for a party

I made a whole bunch of them

Look it's Mickey!

Tail and all

Too cute!

What are you for Halloween?

We found this outfit in Wyatt's parents basement

Spokesperson for grape soda

Man that basketball player even gets celebrities

What a family

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey playing with Bob the Builder

All mummified

Ready for Trick-or-Treating with Clifford and a Fireman

Thanks for the lift Super Mario

Back home with all our candy


Jocie said...

Ha ha! I love the tail picture. He was such a cute Mickey too!