Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Ok so I am so far behind on blogging it is not even funny. It's been hella crazy so I know you all understand. True to my standard form I am going to blog via pictures. Enjoy!

Lacey's Birthday

got me some Paramore and Terry Fator.

Look Ma new dishtowels....oh right...you made them

Supercute apron...tomorrow I'm making Waffles!

Look I turned 29...no really I did...next year 30...whoot!


Yes that is a huge vat of oil...yeah we deep fried our turkey this year

Here is the bird all ready to go

Using their state of the art lowering device to place the turkey in the boiling oil

Look at that sizzle

Time to pull her out

So proud of all their hard work

Golden brown and delicious. Although between all the work it took and how much it cost we have decided to never fry a turkey again. It was moist but you can get a turkey just as moist with brineing. Also when you fry the turkey you can't stuff it and there are no drippings so you have to make gravy from a mix.

Besides Malcolm prefers cookies

After dinner we made a gingerbread train

Choo Choo!

All done....lucky we got that much candy on it


Little Gym...Malcolm is loving it. He is doing more and more things physically and is not scared anymore. He will finally go into playplaces by himself! Look at the jump!

Ready to roll

Balancing all by myself!

No more grabbing me like he is going to die

Good shot!

Helping daddy with the Christmas lights

Children's Museum

Malcolm is a builder

Putting gas in the car

I should let him help with the groceries at home eh?

Going for a ride with Brandon

Snow fun

Whoo shovel sled

Tree Decorating

Putting on the ribbon

Look at all these ornaments

Malcolm putting up his ornament

He loves his Santa ornament

Here Daddy...this one next

I'll help you mommy

Look it's Tinkerbell

Ta da!

Well if you made it this far congrats. I will be posting Christmas pics soon!


Mars said...

I made it! Victory! I liked the little gym pics the best! so cute!