Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Disneyland Part 1

So we went to Disneyland in May and we really had a good time. We were there on our anniversary and it got us some sweet stuff. Wyatt talked to some Cast Members at the Main Street Railroad about a nice place to eat for our anniversary. They suggested the Blue Bayou right away and Wyatt said well of course but we didn't make reservations so what is the next best place. One of the CM's said oh well I bet I can get you in and got on the phone. A few minutes later we had a reservation and we so excited. Then the CM said he was trying to get us something else. We were a little confused but dying to find out what it was. A few minutes later we were on the list for VIP seating for the fireworks! I was planning on staking out a good spot for the family a couple of hours in advance but now I didn't have too!

We showed up a few minutes to 9 and got a bench right in front of the castle. We got a little worried when they made a couple of announcements stating that the fireworks may be canceled due to wind conditions. I really didn't want to miss them when we had such awesome seats, I mean would we ever really get anything like this again? Lucky for us they went on as planned and they were awesome. We got to enjoy them and didn't even have to stand up to see.

Enjoy some pics and come back soon for parts 2 and 3 of our visit.

Near Downtown Disney...on our way into the parks

Of course the first thing we do is see "Litequeen" and Mater

Nana and Papa came with us...Malcolm is very excited

Riding an undersea carousel

Malcolm was very excited to ride on his goldfish

Wyatt and Papa waited so they could be in the front car...according them it was totally worth it!

A Goofy friend

Pretty ladies with some pretty flowers

In our VIP seats for the fireworks...Malcolm loved his lighted sword more than anything.

View from our fabulous seats

Yeah they started!

Oh no don't fall out of your flying elephant

Undersea voyagers...can we find Nemo?

Astroblasters...the first time on Malcolm's favorite ride

Riding the Matterhorn...what a big boy!


Mars said...

A cute. I'm jealous. I like the Matterhorn. :)

Your seats were awesome. I wonder if Brandon is unafraid of rollercoasters yet? :)

Mars said...

**AH cute. not a cute. what would "a cute" be!!???