Monday, June 07, 2010

Disneyland Part 2

So after the first very long day at California Adventure and Disneyland the baby was ready to kill me and my hips. I saw no other choice but to get a wheelchair the second day. I felt kinda silly but I really needed a day to recoup, that's what I get for overdoing it on the first day. I hoped that if I really took it easy the second day that I could make it the last two days on my own two feet. It ended up working out that way and I think it was the right choice. Besides that we got to skip the long wait for Peter Well enjoy some more pics and come back for the final installment in a few days.

Look at the joy It's a Small World brings to a 3 year old.

Spin it faster Mom

Newest member of the Tarzan Jungle Band

We got to sit up front by the skipper on The Jungle Cruise...Malcolm was not happy about that. Little does he know that's the best place to be!

I don't like the look of that hippo

Ready to get Zurg

The newest Space Ranger recruit

Shooting bad guys...again

Night time space flight's Pluto!

Sweet action figure pose

Get us outta here!

Top of the ferris wheel

Things are getting a little buggy around here

Look a door just my size


Mars said...

Cute! Brandon enjoyed these!