Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disneyland Part 3

So here we are with our final installment of our Disney trip. We had tons of fun and spent the last day picking up a few things we missed and getting some more of our favorites. Hope you enjoy them. Also we are getting our ultrasound tomorrow and you all need to vote on the poll if you haven't. Then make sure you come back to find out the results!

Baby duckies on the Storybook land ride

The Big Cheese himself

Driving with Nana

Hello Donald...are you home?

Guess not...I will sit in your chair then


It's just too heavy

Nana can't do it either

No way can I fit in this door

Firemen to the rescue


Cute family on the Columbia

It's Pooh!

And Tigger too!

Thanks for having us Mickey

Obligatory entrance shot

Can't leave with out ice cream shaped like Mickey

Or getting really wet on Grizzly Rapids