Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Kenneth!

Well if you don't already know from Facebook we had out baby. Kenneth James was born at 8:44 pm on Friday November 5th. He was 10 days early and weighed 8 lbs 11ozs and was 19 inches long. I went in that morning to be induced since we knew he was gonna be big. I got an epidural, although I am not sure it was worth it since they had to try 3 times and that hurt worse than anything else. Then it didn't really work very well and we they dosed me a second time I almost passed out so that was fun. Once I started pushing we realized he was turned so they had me stop and lay a certain way to get him to turn the right way. I started pushing again about 8:30 and got him from zero station to being born in 15 minutes. I was done and just powered him out.

Since he was so big he ended up with a big bruise on the top half of his head and blood spots in eyes but other than that he was perfect. The bruise went away the first day and his eyes took a few weeks. He had a bit of Jaundice but never enough for the lights. I ended up with some excessive bleeding but they gave me some extra meds and stopped it pretty quickly. The first few days my back was really bad and spasming a lot and I had a hard time walking but it is doing really well now. I thought I would need to keep going to physical therapy but I think a visit or two to the chiropractor and dong my exercises will be enough. Anyway here are a few pics (finally).

On the way to the hospital

All hooked up and ready to go

Ready to push...seriously kid lets do this!

There's our big boy

So happy he is here

Fed and happy

First bath...what are you doing to me?

Daddy is a good washer

First Smile

First Mohawk

Home and alert

Happy to be home

Me and my boys

1 week and getting big

Too cute!

Hanging with the boys


2 Weeks


Cindy said...

Very cute! Congratulations!

Evelyn said...

Oh he is so so cute love the pictures!!! and the video. Congratulations!