Monday, January 10, 2011

2 months

Well Kenneth is growing...a lot. We had his 2 month well baby visit today and as suspected he is off the charts for weight. He is 15lbs 2oz! He is in the 90th percentile for height at 24 1/2 in. Needless to say I am getting some more 3-6mo clothes...too bad I don't have that many warm weather ones. That's OK I am getting some from some friends and I also got some on clearance today. Anyway enjoy some pics of my fat baby :)

soooo big :)

super cute

Sooo happy

Awww the sadness :(

Chubs in the tubs


dragonb said...

what an awesome kid! I love that he's just chillin in the tub.

Dena said...

Can I rub his belly for luck?

Jocie said...

Aww! He is going to be ginormous by the time I get to see him! He is such a cute chubbers though!

Cindy said...

Holy Cow! Your 2 month old is as big as my 14 month old! Cute kid! We'll have to get together sometime soon.