Thursday, November 03, 2011

August 2010

August started out with a yard sale/bake sale. I made a whole bunch of chocolate crinkles. Come to find out nobody want to buy cookies at a yard well more for me!

You know you want some

Malcolm and Jake...our yard sale managers... apparently the cereal was a problem

Brandon and Malcolm in their matching Buzz Lightyear costumes...getting ready for Halloween really early

Malcolm and Brandon at a wedding..aren't they so cute?

Malcolm showing me where Brandon's shoe

Malcolm getting a haircut from Aunt Lisa

One last trip to the Children's Museum before our season pass expired

Already picking up girls

So for our 30th birthday Wyatt and I decided to have a joint party since I was too sick to get a party ready for Wyatt in April and then I would have a newborn when my Birthday came around in November.

We also wanted to use the Park City house for one last party

Make a wish...