Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NYC Trip-July 2010

As you may or may not know Wyatt's work is based in NYC. For a number of years they have been having the company party there and flying out all the SLC employees and paying part of their spouses ticket if they wish. I was pregnant and I almost didn't go but I am glad I did since they will no longer be flying the whole company to NYC because the SLC branch has exploded with new employees.

Dylan's Candy Bar...candy everywhere

Mmmm Bacon

Lucky for me Wyatt's brother Luke works with him so I got to hang out with my SIL Lisa while the boys were at work. We liked these old mailboxes.

At this point we had our baby names narrowed down to Harrison and Kenneth. I had decided that Kenneth was the one but Wyatt wasn't quite ready to admit that it was the perfect name. I found this sign in a souvenir shop and was unable to find the name Harrison. I took this pic and then showed it to Wyatt and said, "Look it's a sign" Ha ha...and really it must have been fate since we did end up choosing Kenneth for our happy baby.

Riding the Subway

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane....guess what show we saw?

Hello Guvnar!

Times a pedestrian mall

So Lisa and I are really dorky...we both LOVE Project Runway and we made a trip to Mood. In case you don't watch the show Mood is the fabric store that the designers shop at before every challenge.

Seriously so giddy

I'll take 3 yards of this one...

You don't even want to know how much this stuff costs

Picking out something pink

Lovely pattern..heh so yeah we didn't buy any fabric...but I did buy a button for a sweater

The store dog...Swatch

Back to strolling the streets

I thought she would be bigger..

The last day Wyatt and I went to the Empire State Building

So much to see

Sad the they have to fence it all in

More views...

Last me there were a lot more

But I know you would rather see a pic of me with a random guy who works there

Love the lobby

Finally we hit some stores ...let the wookie win

Creepy thing that we totally made Charles take a pic with...ha ha it chased him around until we got this pic

See I knew you loved pics of us with random employees

I thought there would be more gold

Obligatory Eiffel Tower pic...wait a minute...

I have to tell you the subway for a pregnant woman is literally hell...we had just missed the train and we had to wait for like 10 was super hot and super smelly...luckily I survived. Actually both plane rides were worse. Both ways our plane sat on the runway for like an hour with the air not turned on...yeah I was dying

Lastly...Optimus Prime for Malcolm


Stephanie said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Hopefully they will fly you two back out there one more time so you can enjoy it without a baby on The pictures are amazing, and don't worry the random pictures are the best to look back at. I love your post keep them coming.