Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So that is all that I have to say today. Yesterday I called our contractor to remind him yet again to move the light in the master bedroom. I have been telling him that I want this done for two weeks. I just want the box in the center of the peak of the vault. I like things to be symmetrical, it gets done all the time. I reminded him last week to get it done before the drywall went up so it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass to fix later. Well he didn't so I called him and he said that they could only move it so far up because the light would not sit flush in the peak. I said that is why you build a box around it to make a flat spot. He snidely said, "we do that? I have never seen it done on a home here. " Rude! I said not Gold Medallion per say but builders in general. He asked me if that is what I want and I said yes, I know it's kind of a pain but I have been telling you for over two weeks now to move it. He said "fine, it's a problem, I usually say it's not a problem, but it is." JERK! It's not my fault that you don't listen to me, I told you well in advance to move it, I even told you that I wanted it in the center before the dang thing was put up!! LEARN TO LISTEN AND DON'T BLAME YOUR PROBLEMS ON ME!!!

My other issue is this, credit unions, why is it that they cannot perform simple tasks?? I had a problem with a credit card. Basically they changed my card to a card with an annual fee, I don't remember doing this and I haven't used the card in months. So they charge me the annual fee and I don't know about it. I finally get a letter saying that my account is delinquent so I go to a branch to figure it out. I tell them that I have never had an annual fee before and that I want the card put back the way it was before. I also told them that I was not going to pay the fee and that I expected them to remove it and all the finance charges. The lady said that it was no problem and that she would take care of it. Great, so I leave. This was almost 2 weeks ago. Today I check the account online and the card has not been changed and they paid off the charge with money from my checking account!! I never got a call, or a letter, or anything, they just took my money.

So I call customer service and the lady told me that collections had taken it out because the account was so delinquent. I asked if it was going to be reported to my credit and she said probably! WHAT!! I was told that it would be taken care of 2 weeks ago, I don't pay late! She told me that there was nothing that she could do, that I had to talk to the branch. She put me through to the branch and some guy told me that the lady who I talked to would call me back once she was done with the people she was with. Guess what...still haven't called me, it has been HOURS!! So now I am going to have to go down there and they get to get yelled at in person. I usually try to be nice to people when they mess up, but ya know what, NOT TODAY! THAT'S RIGHT LADY, BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY AND CAN'T DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY YOU GET TO SEE MY SMILING FACE TODAY. MMMWAA HA HA HA HA!!!

I will let let you all know what happens, and I will have some pics of the drywall to post as well.


jimcalkins said...

See...that is why I think there are way too many lazy ass people in this country, because there's not enough people like you and me who will actually go down and yell at people in person. That's why the 30's up until the 60's were so good, because everyone did that! People were held accountable for their work. Not today though!
So...what happened after you went down there?

Lacey Barrett said...

Well I didn't get to go down yesterday because we had a showing at the house so I am going to go on Friday when I go into town to get my check, but I won't be any nicer, in fact I may have thought of some choice things to say by then...ha ha.

Bob said...

If this were to happen to my wife I would here the yelling and then I would be the one going to the branch to yell at the people. lol, I get to make the phone calls and fix things when stupid people do stupid things.

Lacey Barrett said...

I get that, however Wyatt is too busy to do anything so I end doing it all including the ones that happen to