Friday, November 10, 2006

So Exciting!!

So I went to the bank last Friday and the lady who helped me was not there so I ended up talking to the manager. He apologized profusely and we took care of the money while I was there and then sent out a form to make sure they didn't report me as 30 days
late on my credit. He promised to call my by today and he actually called yesterday. He said that it hadn't been reported yet and that it wouldn't be now. I didn't yell really since he wasn't the one who messed up but I told him how upset I was that I was never called. He assured me that he would speak to the lady who helped me. It's actually good that she wasn't there because I got to talk to her boss instead so more will probably come of it than me just yelling.

Halloween was good fun. We went to a party on the Friday before as well as Halloween night. Both were a blast and both had some crazy costumes. Here are some pics.

And the best news of all...OUR HOUSE IS DONE!!! We are having our first walk through on Tuesday, and the final walk through on Friday the 17th. We are scheduled to close on the 17th. So for those of you who feel like you have time we will be painting all next week. I will call most of you to see what you are up to. Don't feel obligated or anything, besides if you can't paint there is always the moving that will come later...probably after Thanksgiving. So I don't have any pics of the carpet and all that but I do have pics with drywall and linoleum. Check it out!