Monday, November 27, 2006


So I am glad that the past couple of weeks are over. It's been pretty stressful, I really did think that I was going to punch really...I was. So we were scheduled to close on our house on the 16th. Three days before we close I went to a meeting where we point out all the little things they need to fix before we close. Well there happened to be a big thing, they put square corners on our drywall as opposed to the rounded ones. I don't know who thought that was a good idea since nobody does those anymore. Anyway they tell me they can fix it and it would take two weeks, or they could give us $750. So here is me not happy, we had loads of painting planned for the Thanksgiving break, but then again I don't want my kids splitting their heads open on sharp corners. Wyatt and I talk about we decide that we should go ahead and get if fixed but that I will tell them that it needs to be done before Thanksgiving. I talk to one of the three different guys who is in charge of my house and he says he thinks he can work that out...great. The next day he calls and says no it will take 3 weeks. I am shocked..what happened to two weeks??? This is where I am getting frustrated and ready to hit people. So we decided to close anyway and find somebody else to fix the corners for us. My parents build houses so it wasn't hard. We got a guy to come out and fix it in 3 days.

I called our builder and told them that was what I was doing, I also told them that I was frustrated with their lack of communication skills. They said we know we actually just had a meeting about that. They then offered me $1000 instead of the $750 and also said they would paint two rooms for me. Sweet!! So our corners are now fixed at a profit, we did get lots of painting done over the break, and today the professional is there painting the large living area. We are planning on moving in this Saturday!! We are very excited, needless to say. Thanks to all those who came and helped over the weekend, we couldn't do it without you guys.

So it was birthday on Sunday, the 26th. I had a great day. Saturday we were working on the house and Wyatt had his Dad bring up my birthday present. A bed!! I have been wanting a headboard for 2 years now but we always found other things that we thought we needed more instead. I was very excited. He also got me a vacuum, which we totally needed. So on my birthday we went to church with my parents and then Wyatt and I went up to the house to do a little painting and to put together the bed. Yeah!! It was fun to see it together and it made me feel better that we got some more done on the house. We spent the rest of the evening with my family for enchiladas and cake. Mmmmm.