Monday, July 30, 2007

Rockin it!

So when we left for our trip Malcolm was still working on his sitting up. A few days after we returned he suddenly got it! Instead of only being able to sit up for a minute or less before falling over he went to several minutes without falling over. He loves to sit and play with his toys now and even when he falls over he doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes I think the lets himself fall over because he wants to be on he back or I put the shirt we got him in NY on and gave him a rockin hair do and took some pics of him sitting up...and falling over.

I also have to tell you that he has gotten his first tooth this week! It is just barely starting to poke out and he won't let me get a good look at it. I think the one next to it is working on coming in too so he is still sore. Once they are both in I will get a pic and post it. Even though he is sore he is only a little crabby so I feel very fortunate for that. His nosy is just a little stuffy, but not runny and he has yet to have a fever. He is such a happy little guy you would never know he was teething!! Anyway enjoy the pics!


wait...where am I going?

oh...hello ground...nice to see you

Peace my brother

What up boyee!


dragonb said...
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dragonb said...

Awesome pictures, and funny captions.

I'm jealous he got a tooth. Tasha is fighting like crazy to get some, but none will come out, and it makes it tough for her to sleep without some Tylenol.
Way to go Malcolm!