Monday, January 28, 2008

My baby is 1!

Yep so yesterday was his official 1st Birthday. *sniff* My little baby is so big No it's great, in fact I got my wish fulfilled just before his birthday party on Saturday. Malcolm has started walking! Not just a few steps between Mommy and Daddy...oh no...all the way across the room all by himself!! He has been on the verge of doing it for a couple of weeks now and I just kept saying to myself "I hope he walks before his birthday." All I can say is I am so proud of my little man.

So his party on Saturday was a big hit. Our house was very full but it was a lot of fun. Almost everyone was able to come and Malcolm loved all the people. We ate spaghetti and cupcakes and even demolished a pinata. Well everybody but Malcolm ate a cupcake. He mashed it up but would not even try it. It was pretty funny, he just didn't know what he was missing.

On his birthday we opened a few presents. He got a firetruck, some books, and a really cool tunnel/tent set. He went wild for it and played in it all day. After dinner we tried another cupcake. Again he just smashed it and wouldn't taste it. So we turn off the camera's and get a washcloth to clean him off. At this point he sticks one of his fingers in his mouth and gets a taste of frosting. He then proceeds to try and shove the entire cupcake into his We just had to laugh since we knew he would like it if he would just try it.

I walked all the way across the room by myself! I am ready to be 1 now.

My sweet rubber duck themed decorations.

So many people!

Gamma helped in the kitchen

Mmmmm spaghetti

Two cakes!! Somebody must love me.

Happy Birthday to me...

I have this balloon and I am not letting go! I have been holding it for half an hour already.

Ummm....this stuff is gooey...

I squished take it away

I won't eat the cupcake but I will eat this napkin.

Daddy is putting my duckie pinata up

Before the carnage

I had to help Mommy hit it


Happy to be 1...hey I am holding a balloon again

Oh my gosh...set it up...set it up!

I'm the king!

Hey who is looking in my window?

Sweet gifts from Gamma and Grandma


GrandpaB said...

We love our 1 year old Grandson Malcolm. He makes us smile.
We Love you all,

Grandma and Grandpa Barrett