Friday, July 18, 2008

Middle Man!

Ok so Wyatt and I have started to watch a show on ABC family called The Middle Man. We missed the first couple of episodes but what we have seen is hilarious. The first episode we watched involved Mucha Lucha wrestlers and the Chairman from Iron Chef America kicking some serious butt. There is an android which leads to bad android jokes including one from Star Wars. Last week's episode involved zombies, and the week before was aliens who look like people with really bad plastic surgery. Anyway we both love it and I think you should check it out . Below is me as a Middle Man...don't mess with Cupcake...


dragonb said...

you guys are funny.

I watched the first 2 episodes and they weren't that good.

But, the Mexican wrestler one was hilarious! Especially with the Chairman, cuz we love Iron Chef.

Make sure to warn everyone that it is very campy, but that is what makes it fun for me.

Lacey said...

Oh most definately it's campy...that's why we love it too.