Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hey...The Camera Worked!

Ok so I finally got the pics off the camera for the past month. Phew! Enjoy!

This is one of our hanging flower pots on our front porch....can you see the nest?

This was earlier in the month, you can see how tiny it is. There was only 2 eggs then...

Now there are 4!!

Here is a picture of the mama bird. I don't know what kind she is yet but I am going to try and find out.

Wyatt went to Florida for Microsoft Tech Ed for a week. One night the whole conference got to play in Universal studios.

They kicked everybody else out at 8pm so it wasn't too crowded

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea!

While Daddy is away Malcolm will play...gotta love the mist

Cousin Brandon came to play in our frog pool

Malcolm loves the sprayer on it.

Mmmm...gotta get a drink

Gamma got new swings at her house

Gotta love that smile

More fun with cousin Brandon

Apparently laundry baskets are super fun

Malcolm loves shoes, especially big ones

Mason loves them too!

Malcolm is getting his dance on at Gamma's house

So I now know that lunch time is no longer Mommy potty time


Mars said...

Hey, where did you get the cool new template for your blog? Also, that cousin Brandon is one cute cookie!

Lacey said...

I got it at They had hundreds of them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lacey- I called Dan and Josh about Craig Decker- if you havent heard both of you look up (utah lake, craig decker). Let me know if you hear about services or anything. If you dont have my myspace page its . I would like to have you guys over for dinner in the next few weeks with Josh and Dan too.
Lacey- I love your blog! Your son is so big and adorable!
Love you guys- Candice

Jocie said...

Lace those are great and the videos are too funny! I am sad that I could not stay and visit yesterday. Definitely next time.