Monday, July 07, 2008

The House Finch

Ok so I did some googling and figured out that our bird is a House Finch. Click HERE to read the wiki on them.

Also tell me what you think of our new look by answering the poll on the right. Also feel free to comment since I need others approval to happy in In case you are wondering I got the template at Now you can go and get your own!

Oh and we got our pavers done on our house, as well as the drip line! Thanks to all those who helped! Now all we have left is bark and rocks...yeah!!

Wyatt and Joe working hard

Cousin Brandon is coming to help

All done on this side, now Malcolm can help dig

Or maybe he will help hammer things's break time

Get me wet! Get me wet!

Dave helped with this side the other night, and you can see that fabulous job Wyatt did on drip line

I told Malcolm to sit there and smile...and he actually did it!


Mars said...

Wow. That bird is more famous than I am. I don't have a wiki at all, let alone one referenced on a blog.

Man, that bird is cool.

Lacey said...

Don't be hatin on my bird just cause you are lame. lol ;)

Mars said...

Actually, I ♥ birds.

Chicken, turkey, uh more chicken. Mmmmm....birds.