Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So as some of you may heard there was a big wildfire in Draper yesterday. Yes it was near our house and yes everything is just fine. The fire started north of us and was being blown north by the wind. We did prepare the things we wanted to save just in case things changed and we needed to evacuate. Basically I got together a couple bags of clothes and made sure I had all the our photos ready to grab. The chances of evacuation were slim though so I wasn't too worried. Wyatt came home a little early from work and we took a walk around the corner from our house an this is what we saw.

I know it looks close but it really is quite far away.

If you enlarge this pic you can see a little spot of flames

You can see the red line of fire retardant they put down just in case the winds miraculously changed and the fire burned back across itself. Which can happen but is very rare hence why I wasn't too worried.

There were some homes evacuated but that was on the north end of the fire...the pics here are the south end of the fire..basically the back end. The firefighters did a great job though and protected all those homes. We are thankful that things went as well as they did and I now know how long it will take me to get things together in an emergency.


Nate and Chelsea said...

Well I am glad everything turned out. You always wonder how you will react in a situation like that, and it is not a pleasant experience to to actually find out. But at least you know now. :)

Evelyn said...

I was worried Im glad everything is ok!! Thanks for updating us!!!