Monday, September 08, 2008

New Favorites

So Malcolm is finally starting to become more interested in what we are eating.  It is really great because this means that he is more willing to actually try new things and he even ends up liking some of them.  The best so far has been corn on the cob.  One it's a veggie...and two he looks so cute eating it!

Big bite


His other new thing is walking around in Daddy's shoes.  He has always loved shoes but right now he really thinks that his Daddy's shoes are the best.


Watch me walk....

Hee hee....this is so great!


Jocie said...

Oh my! He looks like such a big boy! And so cute too!

Mars said...

What a cutie! Break out the floss!

Nate and Chelsea said...

He looks so much like Wyatt there! Dang, but if that ain't the cutest boy on two feet, I don't know who is!!