Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So we have birds again this year. Although instead of building a nest inside our flower planter they decided to build it on our front door wreath. I knew they were building a nest there and I kept scaring them away. Last month there was even a finished nest which I removed and then I put the wreath away for a couple of weeks. After I put it back I kept checking the wreath to make sure they weren't building there again. I guess I slacked off for a couple of days because the next thing I knew there was a nest with eggs in it. At that point I couldn't really throw it out because I didn't want to kill the baby birds.

Last year the eggs never hatched so I thought that might happen again this year. Ha ha...I was wrong. I am glad they hatched this year but I wish the nest wasn't on my front door. Oh well I will just have to make sure I provide a better place for a nest next year. I guess I should have bought some flowers this year. Anyway so we have baby birds now...here are a few pics. Oh and if you come over just approach the front door slowly to give the mommy bird time to fly away...otherwise she might hit you in the head as she flies off...lol.

The nest is right on top behind the grass

These eggs are bigger than the ones last year(which never hatched) so I am not sure if it's the same kind of bird or not

Little fuzzy birdies

Here they are a few days later...starting to grow feathers

They are starting to peep more often now